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HEM – a member of GELEX group officially offered on UPCOM

  • 30/12/2016

HEM – a member of GELEX Corporation officially offered on UPCOM at the reference price of VND 13,700/ share

On 03/01/2017, HEM – one of 10 member companies of GELEX Group will officially launch the first trading session on UPCOM with code HEM; the reference trading price of the first day is VND 13,700 / share

HEM (previously as Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Factory) was established in 1961 – is the first enterprise in Vietnam operating in the field of manufacturing electric motors, generators, transformers and other technical equipment. From the early days of establishment, HEM’s staff produced and supplied essential electrical equipment, with the entire country, served the long-term resistance and the country rehabilitation, infrastructure.


Strength and traditional products of HEM – Electric motor

Over the past 55 years of establishment and development, HEM has affirmed the brand and position of a leading prestige enterprise in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing electrical equipment. In addition to the traditional product as electrical motors, HEM brand is also known for its 10 to 10,000kVA capacity distribution transformers with voltage up to 35kV and high capacity rotary machines maintenance and repair services for heavy industry. This is one of the few transformer manufacturers in Vietnam that have been equipped with synchronous, close production lines, from the manufacture of the machine housing, inner parts of machines to the assembly, test lines. HEM’s team of skilled engineers and workers have been recognized throughout the country for their repairs and maintenance of electric motors, generators of high capacity for thermal power plants, hydropower plants, steel, cement, chemical production factories.


Currently, HEM operates as a form of holding company and subsidiaries with two subsidiaries, HECO and Hanoi Technology College

  • HECO: HEM holds 70% chartered capital in HCM City with the objective of developing the southern electric motor market
  • Hanoi Technology College: HEM holds 51% of charter capital, contributing to the training of highly qualified human resources in the electricity industry.

In addition, HEM invested capital and operated as a joint venture company with SAS to establish S.A.-CTAMAD Limited Company, in which HEM holds 35% of chartered capital. SAS-CTAMAD Company Limited is the investor of Melia Hanoi 5-star hotel on 44B Ly Thuong Kiet. Melia Hanoi is the leading address in the hotel business. In recent years, Melia Hanoi has impressive business results, contributing much to the State Budget, and contributing greatly to HEM’s earnings.



HEM Factory 42.169m2 – Cau Dien Street, North Tu Liem, Hanoi

As a member of the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX), HEM has been actively developing and achieving remarkable success in recent years. HEM’s revenues and profits have continuously increased and brought many value-added shareholders. By 2015, net sales and pre-tax profit of the Company respectively achieved VND 567 billion and VND 57 billion. In 2016, the company is estimated to reach VND 656 billion of net sales and VND 88 billion of after tax profit, equivalent to 113.10% and 157.14%, respectively, compared with the plan in 2016 approved by the General Assembly of Shareholders in 2016. The rate of dividend increased over the years, 14% in 2014 and nearly 32% in 2015 (in which 17% dividend in cash and more than 14% in shares).

With the approval of the shareholders of the Company and transparency of the Company’s operations, HEM actively brought the Company’s shares on the stock exchange. On 03/01/2017, HEM will officially trade shares on the unlisted stock exchange (UPCOM) at the reference price of VND 13,700/ share. With charter capital of VND 368 billion, the number of traded shares is 36.8 million shares and annual turnover is over VND 500 billion; the event in which HEM officially traded on the Upcom stock exchange enlivened the stock market and facilitated investors to have the opportunity to invest in value stocks.

Official HEM stocks news on UPCOM market

Registering organization: Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company

Name of stock: Stocks of Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company

Security code: HEM

Denomination: VND 10,000/ share (VND 10,000/ share)

Total number of registered securities: 36.8 million stocks

Total value of trading registered securities: VND 368,000,000,000

The first trading registered date: 03/1/2017

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