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  • 19/06/2017


In order to show the appreciation of the effective cooperation between Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) and its affiliates and agents distributing electric engines, on June 17, 2017 in Hanoi, HEM held a very warm and affectionate meeting with its loyal customers.

Speaking before nearly 60 traditional agents of HEM, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, General Director, on behalf of the Board of Directors showed his personal emotions on the very deep, close and friendly relationship and connection between Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC and its customers in recent years. The long-term agents, distributors, and retailer are the extension arm to bring HEM-brand electrical products to consumers in all provinces across the country.


Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu – General Director of HEM delivered the warm welcome to the close customers attending the meeting.

HEM’s General Director said that he had been at the position of Gelex General Director for only 7 years; the rest of his working life is with HEM. For that time, he has been trying his best to connect, expand the system of agents with the guideline of dedicating, devoting to customers, partners.

“The manufacturing and selling operations of the company in the past time has increased year by year, the planned targets are always completed and exceeded. In the overall success of HEM, Electric Engine Sector plays an important role in terms of product structure and economic indicators. To achieve those results, among many objective and subjective reasons, it is necessary to recognize that the close cooperation, attention, sharing by customers, partners, agents of HEM, who are here today in this meeting, contribute greatly to the overall success of HEM,” said HEM’s General Director.

Speaking at the meeting, many traditional and long-term customers of HEM such as Mr. Nguyen Trong Nam, General Director of Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing JSC; Mr. Le Quy Kha, Global Electrical Engineering Company; Mr. Pham Van Nhan, Nga Nhan Agent; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tho, Tam Tho Company; Mr. Duc Linh, Duc Linh Company, etc agree on the sentiment to HEM. Many agents have two or even three generations selling HEM-brand products. Some even affirmed: “I only sell HEM-brand products, say no to product from other partners,” Those sharing affirm the brand value of the HEM engine, as well as the vitality of HEM engine in Vietnamese users a half of century developing with the country.


 Mr. Nguyen Trong Nam – General Director of Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing JSC made his comments to HEM


Mr. Duc Linh – Duc Linh agent made his comments to HEM


 Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tho – Director of Tam Tho Co., Ltd made his comments to HEM

Apart from the sentiment, also at the meeting, through candid and sincere sharing, customers also hope that HEM should pay attention to the remaining issues, the company has to continue to renovate and innovate towards the market, such as change of design, product appearance, change of technology to produce new products with high efficiency, energy saving, or warranty policies, process information, feedback from customers to HEM and vice versa should be quick, sensitive and timely.


HEM’s General Director gave a speech, receiving the comments of participants

Honestly receiving all the sincere opinions of loyal customers, HEM’s General Director pledged that after this meeting, there will be seminars, professional discussions on design, production, business and sales work in all parts of the Company to promptly propose solutions to overcome the remaining issues informed by customers with the goal of minimizing the questions, feedbacks from customers, which has partly made of the brand of HEM in the past.

Such meetings are expected to be held more frequently by HEM in the near future, in order to close the gap of space, time, geography and created openness between HEM and its customers.


Participants took souvenir photos at the company.