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  • 21/11/2017

On November 17, 2017, Hanoi Technology College (HiTECH) celebrated the 10th Anniversary, the Vietnam Teachers’ Day and the opening academic year 2017 – 2018.

Attending the ceremony, on behalf of the Party and State leaders, there were Ms. Dao Hong Lan, alternate member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Vice Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Mr. Luu Hong Son, Deputy Chief of Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Mr. Truong Anh Dung, Deputy General Director, General Department of Vocational Education, Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Regarding GELEX leaders, there was Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Standing Member of the Board of Directors cum General Director of the Corporation. Regarding HEM leaders, there were Mr. Ha Dinh Minh, Chairman of the Board; Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, Member of the Board cum General Director of the Company.

With the Sir/Madam in the Board of Directors, the President of the Trade Union, heads of some units of HEM; Leaders of a number of member companies under GELEX; and Comrades who are the Rector and Vice Rectors of the College: Vietnam – Hungary University; Hanoi Technology College, College of Automotive Technology and Engineering, Vocational College No. 18, Ministry of Defense, Leader of People’s Committee of Bac Tu Liem District, Phuc Dien Ward.

Together with leaders of partner training establishments of the College, enterprises with work relation and units that have recruited a large number of graduated students every year.

Report on the formation and development process of the College, Mr. Dao Cong Hai, the Principal of the College stressed that, through 10 years of operation, the support, help and provision of all the favorable conditions of the College from management authorities of industries and founding shareholders with the core as Hanoi Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Company (now the Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC), the interest of the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX) and member units, solidarity, efforts, creativity of the collective staff, lecturers and employees, Hanoi Technology College has overcome all difficulties, organized the methodical training for over ten thousand of students, to meet a part of the demand for skilled human resources of the units in Gelex in particular and meet the requirements of the society in general. HiTech has become one of the prestigious non-public colleges in line with the trend and policy of socialization of our Party and State.

At the ceremony, before the drumming to kick off the new academic year, Professor Doan Van Quy, Chairman of the Board of Directors said that the results that HiTech achieved in the past decade associated with the persistent efforts of teachers and students of the college in the teaching, learning and practicing. But above all, there will not be a HiTECH as today without the care, support and creation of favorable conditions in all aspects from the State management agencies, founding shareholders, especially Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC, the Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX) as member units, as well as partner units for accompanying and supporting the College. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of HiTECH extended a profound thanks to the support and companion of delegates attending the Ceremony.

Expressing her opinion at the Ceremony, Ms. Dao Hong Lan, alternate member of the Executive Committee of the Party Central Committee, Vice Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs also enthusiastically honored the achievements of the College, at the same time, shared the difficulties that HiTECH in particular and the system of the country’s vocational training colleges in general are encountering – which is that the enrollment to universities and colleges have changed a lot recently and the demand and expectation of parents and students have been changed in accordance with the demand of the society; therefore, the enrollment to the vocational college and school system has encountered a lot of difficulties and Hanoi Technology College is not an exception.

However, with tradition, with solidarity and unity, the leaders of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs believed that the leaders of the College, administrators and teachers, with the sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and dedication to the profession, the College will gradually overcome the difficult period, gradually change the way teaching, learning, explore and expand new industries, partnerships, links and cooperate with specialized units, participate in short-term training, international cooperation, study abroad, labor export and experts, etc. to maximize the advantages of the College, make difference of HiTech in the system and help the College develop more sustainably in the coming period.

From the opinion of Deputy Minister, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, BOD’s member and General Director also extended his deep gratitude to the leaders representing the superior management agencies, founding shareholders of the College along with friends and partners for having partnered with the College to make the brand name HiTech in the last decade.

          At the Ceremony, a number of typical collectives and individuals were awarded the Certificate of Merit by the Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs for their achievements over the past time.

At the same time, on occasion of this event, some agencies, units and individuals have sponsored the scholarship fund of the College to reward and encourage students with high academic achievements. In particular, Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation donated VND 100 million, at the same time, General Director Nguyen Van Tuan also committed GELEX will pay attention and support all aspects to develop HiTech to become a model college in a reputable and in prestigious and financially-capable organizations such as GELEX and HEM.

Here are some photos of the ceremony:


 Teachers of the College delivered welcome arts performances


Senior representatives attended the ceremony


Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, Member of the Board of Directors of the College announced the reason and introduced delegates attending the ceremony


Mr. Dao Cong Hai, Head of School reported 10 years of establishment and development of HiTech

5 6

Mr. Doan Van Quy, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered speeches and drummed to start the new

academic year


Ms. Vu Thi Thu Thao, on behalf of the staff and teachers expressed her feelings


Student Ngo Thi Phuong Hoa represented freshers of course 11 expressed her feelings

9 10 11

 Ms. Dao Hong Lan, alternate member of the Central Committee of the Party, Vice Minister of Labor,

Invalids and Social Affairs awarded certificates of merit to the collective and outstanding individuals of the College.


… And gave instructions, assigned tasks and shared and encouraged the College.


Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, HEM’s General Director, spoke at the ceremony.

14 15

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Member of Board of Directors cum General Director of GELEX awarded to scholarship fund of HiTech students and delivered a speech at the ceremony.

HEM Communication Department