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  • 14/01/2018

At the end of 2017 plan, though the difficulties faced by the increasingly tough competition in the market of key products, with many changes in the management, adjustments of the restructure of manufacturing industry, changes in the market and consumption share, etc. however, thanks to the delicate attention of leaders of HEM, the leadership, direction, determination and effectiveness of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors and executives of the Company, especially the great effort, endlessly endeavoring, creative and concentrating  mind of the employees, HEM has basically fulfilled its manufacturing and business tasks in 2017, the income and living standard of employees in the company has gradually improved.

In the good ambient of year end 2017, with the approval of the Board of Directors, on January 13, 2018, the whole HEM staff have the opportunity to meet, to gather in the warmth of the Year-End Party meaningfully.

Speaking at the Year-End Party, the General Director, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu swiftly highlighted some key activities in 2017, and also thanked the staff and employees in the Company who has joined with great endeavoring and effort, overcoming all difficulties, organizing the production and business effectively in the context of several challenges.

The Year-End Party of HEM 2017 was really a colorful and meaningful party, the program was elaborately organized by the Organizing Committee and brought the participants and HEMers (HEM staff) burst into one surprise to others.

From some special and humorous performances and fun games to Lucky draw lottery, the auditorium felt like broken with many special prizes which are drawn by CEO directly and the moment he spoke the luckiest person’s name.

The Year-End Party 2017 ended in joyous music, where all staff and employees, regardless of leaders or employee, were hand on hand, sang songs and prayed for the best wishes to each member of the HEM family, for a new spring of joy and happiness. We wished HEM achieved the better results in the new year Mau Tuat 2018.

The following images are highlights of the Year-End Party:

26231285_1508724509247945_276924395902566083_n 26231318_1508724559247940_8283487275716573684_n 26239341_1508722992581430_1202185117632405314_n 26730950_1508730042580725_8617890612041302525_n 26805316_1508726965914366_7867761600073462228_n 26239590_1508733989246997_2738779544469542223_n 26730652_1508728635914199_2353737971179131132_n 26731429_1508727505914312_1345759538519199085_n 26734416_1508736079246788_7809087488365373979_n 26991715_1508740889246307_3265910944976237424_n


Previously, in the same morning, the Company organized a fun and successful Sports Festival, leaving a deep impression on HEM staff.

The Sports Festival was kicked off with a fascinating football match between the two teams of Manager-Union President and Factory. Here, most of the HEM leaders presented on the field, although the quality of their professional qualifications was average, the results were not important matter (3-0 for the Union President team), but the movement and spirit of competition, it was really a distinctive highlight of HEM’s business culture.

The football match between two teams of Office Staff team and Factory team was at a higher level of professionalism, with a variety of skillful technical situations. The audience enjoyed the scene of 8 football goals, (the Office Staff team 5-3won over the Factory team).

Interspersed with the two attractive football matches were the cheerleading competition of two teams. The soft, artistic movements of the Factory team’s flashmob impressed the audience because it was hard to believe such delicate movements skillfully created by workers who were familiar with the welding, cutting machine and drilling machine.

With more members, more difficult and technical movements, the flashmob of office team has brought a higher emotion level to the audience. They deserved the Special Prize awarded by the juries (flashmob performance by factory team awarded the first prize).

HEM Sports Festival in early 2018 ended with an extremely exciting tug-of-war, the final result, with more quality components, after two matches, the Factory team achieved an absolute win.

Some images of the Sports Festival of HEM 2018 as follows:

26231126_1507649972688732_2850373656297905104_n 26238847_1507643256022737_4039950865596712233_n 26239199_1507648372688892_6994398807771413688_n 26731477_1507643619356034_4747450864645442994_n 26230238_1507657009354695_8645562036272809604_n 26231548_1507663492687380_5379137204845571154_n 26239463_1507652172688512_7322769919270918350_n 26734335_1507656702688059_1914830607816216443_n