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THE 57TH ANNIVERSARY OF HEM ESTABLISHMENT (January 15, 1961 – January 15, 2018)

  • 16/01/2018

In the morning of January 15, 2018, Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC held a friendly meeting on the occasion of the 57th anniversary of the Company establishment (January 15, 1961 – January 15, 2018). The entire of current management board of Company leaders, unit’s managers under the Company through the periods attended.

With determination to establish Vietnam’s Electromechanical Manufacturing industry to serve the industrialization and modernization of the North, strengthening the rear for the South battlefield, the Electromechanical Manufacturing Plant (the former name of Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC today) was born on this date 57 years ago, which was the period 57-year growth from hard times, 57-year continuous innovation, 57-year non-stop innovation, many generations of leaders and staff have dedicated and contributed to build Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSC (HEM), now has a strong position in the market of rotary electric machines, static electric machines in Vietnam. HEM became a prestige electromechanical, selected by many international partners, signed contracts for authorized and exclusive agency services in the domestic market.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, HEM’s General Director sent his gratitude, regards and regards to the generations of the Company leaders through the periods, to the male and female employees who had a long time to work hard and enthusiastically, contributing to HEM as we could see today.

The General Director of HEM also notified some information about the company’s business results in 2017 as well as the orientations and operation plan of HEM particularly and the units in the GELEX system generally. The scheme of restructuring of the Corporation started to be performed in 2018.

On behalf of the participants, Mr. Vu Viet Hung, as the former Deputy Director of HEM gave his speech and shared the difficulties that HEM experienced during the hard but joyful and exciting time before the results that the Company has achieved in the recent time. Hopefully, the HEM will continue to have modifications, changes and operations in conformity with the overall goals of the GELEX system, deserving of the tradition and the establishment of HEM’s brand image.

Some typical images at the meeting as follows:


Leaders and staff of the Company through periods attended the meeting

hieu topca

Some entertainment performances in the Gala



Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu, on behalf of the current management board gave a speech

hang1 tapthe

Leaders and staff of the Company through periods took souvenir photos with the current management board.