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  • 17/01/2018

Chongqing Electro-Mechanical Company (CEMF) is one of the leading enterprises of China’s engine manufacturing industry, which recently has invested, renovated synchronous and modern technology line, having the capacity to supply products to the world market including European countries, G7 countries, etc.

In Vietnam, there are many big investors choosing technology and products of CEMF for their projects and plants. Given the fact that over the past ten years of cooperation, especially after working at CEMF’s factory in Chongqing in late 2017, HEM leaders decided to discuss and negotiate with CEMF on the signing of exclusive agency agreement to supply products and services in Vietnam market.

The signing ceremony of exclusive agency agreement was held at HEM Headquarters on January 16th, 2018 under the witness of the highest leaders from both parties


The overview of the signing ceremony

On behalf of HEM, Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu as the General Director of HEM appreciated the quality of products and market share of CEMF in Vietnam which has been expanded, with the selection of HEM as an exclusive agent of the company and affirmed that the opportunities for mutual cooperation have been increasing, simply because HEM has a lot of advantages in providing products and services on the supply, maintenance and repair of high-capacity engine in Vietnam.


Mr. Ha Dinh Minh – Chairman of MOB and Mr. Nguyen Trong Tieu General Director made a speech in the signing ceremony

“It is not random that the major industrial groups in the world such as SIEMENS, ALSADO, VEM, TMEIC, etc. have selected HEM as their authorized and exclusive partner in Vietnam market. HEM has the capacity, prestige and experience to meet the market requirements, so CEMF believes that such exclusive agency agreement in Vietnam would be HEM’s achievement and they would exceed sales targets in the first effective year “, HEM’s General Director highlighted.


Mr. Li Hou Chun with members of CEMF

On behalf of the management board of CEMF, Mr. Li Hou Chun, General Director, is delighted that they have signed this important agreement in Vietnam. “The business trip of CEMF would have been failed if both Parties had not approved the exclusive agency agreement of our products in Vietnam market with HEM. CEMF hopes that HEM would do well with, not only its products and services in Vietnam but also others provided by other general contractors and joint ventures that CEMF is a member of their cooperation with the Vietnamese partner”, Mr. Li Hou Chun said after signing ceremony of the agreement.

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Representative of both Parties witnessed the signing ceremony.

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