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Direct current motor

RANGE OF DIRECT CURRENT MOTOR 1. General introduction: DC is a range of direct current motors designed and manufactured under orders by Hanoi Electrical Mechanical Equipment JSC. When the customers need to order, they must provide the following basic parameters:

  • Installation size and special operating requirements (if applicable)
  • Equipment for which the engine will operate (in case needs details, Hem will arrange staff to be go to the site to coordinate for survey)
  • Operational parameters
Capacity kW 200
Speed vg/ph 800
Voltage V 440
Excitation voltage V 220
Type of protection   IP23
Insulation class   H/H
Mode   Dài hạn – S1
Installation type   IM B3
Type of cooling   Cooled by external fans
Wire temperature measuring sensor   Pt100 2 pieces
Bearing temperature measuring sensor   Pt100 2 pieces for front and rear bearing

2. Instruction for use, maintenance for direct current motors a. General instructions  The instructions for use are applied to direct current motors and issued by Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) The information given in the instructions is only the main part of the motors. Please contact HEM to know more about parameters of the equipment, accessories Any improper action of use as directed by the manufacturer shall not be eligible for any warranty The manual will be attached to each DC motor before delivery and enclosed with the motor or enclosed with other documents when delivered b. Engine number Each direct current motor has an engine number attached to monitor and put into use during the operation of the motor. c. Installation: The direct current motor is a horizontal axis type installed by according to work requirements of the producer Type of cooling: Cooled by outside ventilator forced air d. Normal working conditions + Maximum working temperature is around 45°C + Highest altitude compared to sea level is 1000m. + The foundation has the vibroinsulation to the outside + Cooling air must be separated from salt, gas, dirt and trash. The working temperature limit during the test run is specified on the motor label Transportation and storage

  • Transportation:
    • DC motors are packaged in sealed plastic bags to prevent rainwater during transport and storage
    • DC motor is ravished mandrel nose to avoid the axial rotation and axial deflection during transportation (for large motors).
  • Preservation and storage:
    • The motors must be stored by the canvas, bags as when handed over and be located in the warehouse
    • The warehouses for preserving the motors must be clean, dry and ventilated and removed toxins, dirt, strong impacts or abnormal vibrations. The motors must be protected from the attack of termites and insects.
    • The temperature of the warehouses is from 100C to 500C and humidity does not exceed 75%.
    • The storage time is less than 2 months. During this time, when moving to an unmounted installation position, the motors must be kept away from sources of harm such as gas, dust, strong impact and vibration.
    • If the moisture exceeds 75%, it is required to dry the motors. In order to avoid moisture penetration into the measured motor and check the temperature after drying, the temperature should be maintained at higher level 5 to 100C than environment temperature.
    • In case of installation, but not trial run: if the motors are installed at the workplace, but has not been put into operation for a long term because of some reasons, it is required to preserve and check, measure parameters for the operation of the motors but not yet put into use

Installation and connection :

  • Mechanical part: Fit the joints together with connection systems, including bulbs or rubber driven cushions

Check the influent channel whether it is blocked by strange objects which is harmful for DC motors

  • Electrical part:
    • Connect the earth lead system
    • Connect cable system into the pole box (Supply power to armature strings and magnetic strings)
  • Operation:
  • No-load operation:

Be sure that all the conditions of ensuring the DC motors may be operated without any problems. Operation cabinets should be equipped with a protection system from the loss of field for the safety of DC motors when running. Observation when performing no load operation : a. Check the bearing: – Check the temperature of the bearing when operating – Check ignition status of brush system and collector. b. Check the cooling system and cooling capacity: – Observe and monitor the cooling line of motors

  • Load operation :

Operate with the same process as above, provided that the DC motors run at load. After the full load operation, it is necessary to check and monitor the motors within 72 hours Regularly monitor the status of the ignition on the collector and collector corrosion as well as brush system to plan maintenance or replacement in time. Preservation, maintenance and warranty:

  • Preservation:

After a period of operation, the motor may stop working for a long time. At this time, it is necessary to preserve DC motors according to the following methods:

  • Always clean the outside motor, prevent from dirt sticking out of the motor, causing rust losing the beauty of the machine
  • Regularly dry the stator winding to limit the decrease of insulance of the winding
  • Maintenance
  • After 2000 hours of continuous work, add lubricant to the motor and remove the excess lubricant that is rinsed out under the outside lid.
  • Width and depth of mica groove are recommended: width = width of mica + 0.4 mm; Depth of 1.2mm for mica of less than 0.8mm and 1.5mm for thicker mica.
  • Regularly check the tightness of bolts, screw nut and add lubricant to ensure the quality of joints
  • It is necessary to regularly check the coal dust filter system during the work process. If the system is dirty, it is required to dismantle and clean by compressed air, cleaning, laundry and drying before re-fitting
  • Warranty

DC motors are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery. Any defect caused by a manufacturer’s fault will be repaired free of charge. The motors shall not be warranted in the following cases:

  • Do not comply with instructions of the manufacturer
  • Beyond the warranty period.
  • Damage caused by impact during transport or installation of the motors.
  • The motors are overloaded in case of loss of field
  • The causes of damages are from other factors excluding the motor, they are also not given the warranty

Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) sincerely thanks you for your trust in our products. We welcome and would like to receive all your suggestions for our products in order to have better services for the economy of the country Please send all comments to Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) Km12 Cau Dien, Puc Dien, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi Tel: 04.37655510 – 37655511. Fax: 04.7655509.