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Single-phase and three-phase distribution transformer

HEM transformers are manufactured on a closed-circuit synchronous line with modern technology equipment. The production process is managed in accordance with ISO 9001-2015. The product's quality is rated transformer testing laboratories for advanced equipment. Distribution transformers have the capacity up to 10.000 kVA, voltage up to 35 kV in accordance with standard IEC-76

Single-phase and three-phase distribution transformer

Hem Single-phase, three-phase distribution transformer can be installed indoors and outdoors

Indoor installation:

It is necessary to have the cold air vent taking cold air into (located at the lower part of the machine) and hot air vent taking hot air out to place (located at the top of the) where the single phase and three phase distribution transformer is located. The hot air vent is as wide as possible. The distance between the machine and the wall, between the machines is at least 0.5m. The machine is arranged so that the inspection and maintenance is performed easily (add or remove oil). Oil level indicator must be visible.

Outdoor installation

Single phase and three phase distribution transformer must be placed on a high platform or axis base ensuring the safety and balance of the machine. It is required to have a fence around that is at least 2 meters. The machine does not tilt over 15 degrees

Máy biến áp phân phối 1 pha 3 pha

Put the single phase and three phase distribution transformer into operation:

All transformers must be tested before turn on the power source according to standard IEC 76 or the testing procedure of Electricity of Vietnam. Measurement results must be consistent with the results in the factory slip.

  • Check the lead sealing pliers of the single phase, three phase distribution transformer for its intact
  • Check whether the voltage control is set at proper position
  • Check whether there is any external damage (Oil leaks, barrel distortion, etc.)
  • Ensure high voltage and low voltage ceramic insulators not be broken and clean. Check the distance between 2 horn gaps if available
  • Check oil level: If the oil level indicator is white, it means that the transformer is oil filled. If the oil level indicator is red, it means that it is oil deficient and must supplement oil. In case there is extra oil tank, the oil level is in the two red bars, it means that oil is sufficient, if the oil level is below the two red bars, it means that oil is insufficient
  • During the warranty period, for closed transformer, customers are not allowed to arbitrarily add oil without the permission of the manufacturer.
  • Check the earthling system
  • Measure d.c. resistance and insulation resistance of the wire
  • Check adjustment set and rectifier set (if any). (See guideline on adjustment set and rectifier set)

Note: Manufacturer must guarantee quality of insulating oil in single-phase and three-phase distribution transformer. Customers shouldn’t extract sample to test. In special circumstances, there must be manufacturer’s approval.


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