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Products & Services | Hem

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Products & Services

Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing Joint Stock Company (HEM) owned by Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Corporation (GELEX) – Ministry of Industry and Trade, was established in 1961 and now is a leading company in Vietnam in field of manufacturing electric motors, generators, transformers and other electrical engineering equipments

Electric Motors


Electric motors of HEM are diverse in type, with high efficiency, powerful torque, low noise and vibration, nice design and form.

Power Transformer

HEM transformers gradually affirm position on the market, appreciated by customers for their stability and warranty services

Panel Cabinet

HEM offers a wide range of medium and low voltage cabinets and kiosk substation assembled according to customer’s requirements with advanced features..

Other Products

HEM is a professional supplier of electrical measuring instruments (current transformer, meters, power meters, medium voltage transformer, and electric pumps)

Repair and maintenance


HEM is one of the leading reputable units in Vietnam in the field of maintenance and repair of electrical equipment with a team of experienced experts and technicians.

Electrical construction and installation


HEM is a reputable contractor in the field of electrical construction and installation for buildings, urban lighting system, power transmission and industrial transmission systems.