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Soft starter board – engine controller

Soft starter board – engine controller manufactured by HEM is used to directly control a set of engines or particular engine of industrial equipment set, blower, water pump substation, conveyor or elevator. It can be hung on wall, shelf or on ground or outdoor.

Soft starter cabinet – Motor control cabinet:


Engine control cabinets for control and protection of industrial motors / motors, workshop motors, production lines. Choice of engine startup, control and protection methods depending on customer requirements and load type.

Typically, the soft start current of the motor control panel of three-phase motors usually exceeds 2.5 to 6 times the rated current, the current in the startup will seriously affect the differential cabling. Coordination of the entire network, while affecting other equipment. To overcome this phenomenon, people often use soft starters, inverter for the engine.

Functions and tasks of soft starters – motor control cabinets:

  • Start, monitor, protect, control the operation of a corresponding engine.
  • Control functions of the control cabinet include: start / stop engine, close / cut off capacitors.
  • Protection functions include: current protection (overcurrent, rotor jam), voltage protection (reverse phase, overvoltage, low voltage), temperature protection (overheat of motor wires, Ball bearings, ball bearings, oil pumps) …
  • Display of the cabinet: three-phase current display; Power Consumption; Reactive power; Power factor …
  • Display errors: Current fault, voltage error, temperature error …

Main devices in the soft starter cabinet:

  • Soft starter or inverter.
  • Capacitors and capacitor controllers, cosphi meters.
  • Switching devices of soft starters: MC, MCCB, MCB.
  • Protection devices of soft starters: EOCR (over-current protection, phase loss, phase reversal, rotor jam …), PMR-44 (phase loss protection), thermal relay just…
  • Intermediate relays.
  • The control circuit breakers …

In addition, other auxiliary equipment of soft starters such as phase indicator light, push button, switch, siren …

Soft Cabinet Drawings:

tủ khởi đông mềm - tủ điều khiển động cơ