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Low voltage distribution cabinet

Low voltage distribution board designed by HEM is used to cut and distribute power to the main additional charge. The board is designed to be convenient for installation, repair and replacement. Board cover is made by 1.5-3mm sheet metal with electronicstatic power coating.

A low voltage distribution cabinet is a system that distributes the current from the place where the current flows into the smaller currents to ensure safe use as well as protection in case of device malfunction.

Low voltage distribution cabinet made of powder coated metal should be environmentally friendly, can be placed indoors or outdoors on the pole, and also low voltage distribution cabinet also works:

  • Electricity leak proof.
  • Anti-arc when device malfunction.
  • Fire and explosion protection.

Low voltage distribution cabinet specifications General manufacturing standard IEC 60439-1

  • Installation location in comparison with sea level: <1000m
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 40ºC
  • Average temperature: 35ºC
  • Average humidity: 98%
  • Rated current up to: 6300A
  • Medium voltage rating: 0.6kV
  • Industrial frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum pulse current: 3kV
  • Maximum wind speed: 34m / s
  • Number of storm days / 1 year: 120 days
  • Housing with shock resistance: 20J

Structure low-voltage distribution cabinet:

  • Materials made of stainless steel (galvanized Zn or Inox 304 steel) powder coated.
  • Material thickness from 1-2.5mm depending on requirements.
  • Cabinet-type cabinet design, bolted and self-standing on the hard floor.
  • Coating thickness> 80μm
  • Paint based on RAL-7032 or on request.

The main equipment in the low-voltage distribution cabinet:

  • Main switchgear: Total aggregates and branch aptomat.
  • Measurement equipment: Clock, power meter, current meter, voltage meter, current transformer.
  • In addition to other auxiliary equipment: phase indicator, volt.

Drawings of low-voltage distribution cabinets: Low voltage indoor distribution cabinet: tủ phân phối hạ thế đặt trong nhà Tủ Outdoor low voltage distribution cabinet: tủ phân phối hạ thế đặt ngoài trời